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Advertising Opportunities

New advertisers are always welcome on this site - if you would like details on the possibilities available, please complete the Advertisers/Listing Enquiry Form on the next page. If you include some information about your business/activity, we will be able to suggest how the site can help you. If you already have a Web Site hosted elsewhere, please include the URL (web address) of your site.

Please ensure that you include your contact details - i.e. Name, Phone Number and E-mail address - so that we can reply to you.

The following services are available:-

Option   Cost
1) Standard format information page including hosting £40.00 per year
2) Basic Listing on relevant Category page FREE
3) Featured Listing Link from free listing to an external Web Site £25.00 per year
4) Featured Listing Link from free listing to 8) or 9) below FREE
5) Domain name registration ( & maintenance £30.00 per 2 yrs
6) Domain name registration (, maintenance, web & email forwarding £60.00 per 2 yrs
7) Web & email forwarding from an existing domain name (if transferred to our control) £50.00 per 2 yrs
8) Individually designed Web Site on Penzance OnLine - design **   on application
9) Hosting of Web Site as in 2) above **   on application

A Standard format information page demonstration is available and an order form - for those clients who do not have their own website - is available for printing and completion.

** Pages designed and hosted as above will normally be located on Penzance OnLine so that the Web Address of these pages will be in the format ''. To avoid conflict between Addresses, we reserve the right to allocate appropriate subsite names for these Addresses.

Domain name, web & email forwarding options allow clients to have their own domain name in the format '' and to have web access and email using this address automatically forwarded to their own page(s) hosted on Penzance OnLine and to their own existing email address.

Other services and special designs are available on request. All design and hosting charges, apart from standard information page, will be subject to confirming quotation. For all enquiries, please contact Penzance OnLine by:-