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This site is divided into a number of major sections - each covering a specific topic related to life and services in Penzance.

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The main sections are selectable via the menu of the left-hand panel. This panel will remain displayed at all times, with additional content relevant to the section being viewed.

On making a selection from the main menu, the first page of the chosen section is opened in the main right-hand pane. The main menu will then be expanded to provide links to all pages in that section, sub-divided into groups. Links to further pages within the section will be found both within the body-text and, on some pages, at the bottom of the page. These links may, when appropriate, open relevant pages within other sections.

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Entering the site from a Search Engine

Since Search Engines will record many pages of the site - and not merely the main Home Page - it is possible that visitors may find themselves on a page within a section of the site. If this occurs, click on the "Home" or appropriate menu item for the section desired. .

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