Penzance OnLine

Help on contacts by phone

All listings on this site which include contact phone numbers include the full UK dialling code - e.g. '01736-123456'. For calls from outside the UK, you should dial the following:-

  • The international service code from your country - generally '00'
  • The international dialling code for the UK - '44'
  • The UK dialling code OMITTING the leading '0' - e.g. '1736'
  • The rest of the listed UK number - e.g. '123456'
  • Thus a number listed as '01736-123456' becomes '00-44-1736-123456'

There are isolated listings where phone numbers shown can ONLY be called from within the UK - in these cases, these are noted as having this limitation and you are advised to use other means of contact.

Enjoy the Site!