Penzance Accommodation

Guest Houses and Bed & Breakfast Accommodation west of Penzance

In coastal and country areas to the west of Penzance, there are a large number of Guesthouses and Bed & Breakfasts, all providing a friendly service with most being owner-operated. They do provide an excellent range of facilities and offer great value for money and many hold National awards.

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Featured Guesthouses & Guest Accommodation

Bosavern House - Guest House
St Just, Penzance. Phone: 01736-788301
The Kings Arms Inn - Public house with accommodation
Paul, Penzance. Phone: 01736-731224

Other Guest Houses & Guest Accommodation

Madron & Heamoor
Boutique Hideaway - Bed & Breakfast
The Mews, Rosehill, Penzance. Phone: 01736-350411
Tregoddick House - Guest House
Madron, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362643
Tremearne - Guest House
Bone Valley, Heamoor, Penzance. Phone: 01736-364576
Harbour Heights - Guest House
Boase Street, Newlyn, Penzance. Phone: 01736-350976
Harbour View Guest House - Guest House
22 Fore Street, Newlyn, Penzance. Phone: 01736-331315
Panorama Guest House - Guest House
Chywoone Hill, Newlyn, Penzance. Phone: 01736-360798
The Smugglers Restaurant - Restaurant with rooms
14 Fore Street, Newlyn, Penzance. Phone: 01736-331501
Swordfish Inn - Public House and Bed & Breakfast
The Strand, Newlyn, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362830
Trereife House - Bed & Breakfast and Self-Catering
Trereife, Newlyn, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362750
Mousehole & Paul
Brambles B&B - Bed & Breakfast
1 Paul Lane, Mousehole, Penzance. Phone: 01736-731406
Dolphins - Bed & Breakfast
The Parade, Mousehole, Penzance. Phone: 01736-731828
Kerris Farm - Farm and B&B
Paul, Penzance. Phone: 01736-731309
Kerris Manor Farm - Guest House
Kerris, Paul, Penzance. Phone: 01736-731198
Mousehole B&B - Bed & Breakfast
2 Foxes Lane, Mousehole, Penzance. Phone: 01736-731882
The Old Pilchard Works - Bed & Breakfast
6 Chapel Street, Mousehole, Penzance. Phone: 01736-732699
The Ship Inn - Public House & Restaurant with rooms
Mousehole, Penzance. Phone: 01736-731234
Lamorna & St Buryan
Ark Bungalow - Bed & Breakfast
Lamorna Cove, Lamorna, Penzance. Phone: 01736-731765
Belerion B&B - Bed & Breakfast
Treave Barns, St Buryan, Penzance. Phone: 01736-810343
Belmont House - Guest House
Churchtown, St Buryan, Penzance. Phone: 01736-810025
Bolankan B&B - Bed & Breakfast
Crows-an-Wra, St Buryan, Penzance. Phone: 01736-810168
Boskenna Home Farm - Bed & Breakfast
St Buryan, Penzance. Phone: 01736-810705
Bosula House - Bed & Breakfast
Trewoofe, Lamorna, Penzance. Phone: 01736-810970
Lamorna Pottery B&B - Bed & Breakfast
Lamorna Pottery, Lamorna, Penzance. Phone: 01736-810330
Penvale House - Guest House
Buryas Bridge, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362617
Rose Farm - Guest House
Chyanhal, Buryas Bridge, Penzance. Phone: 01736-731808
Tredinney Farm - Farm, Guesthouse & Self-catering
Crows-an-Wra, St Buryan, Penzance. Phone: 01736-810352
Tregiffian Farm - Bed & Breakfast
St Buryan, Penzance. Phone: 01736-810243
Tregurnow Farm - Guest House
St Buryan, Penzance. Phone: 01736-810255
Trelew Farm - Bed & Breakfast
St Buryan, Penzance. Phone: 01736-810308
Wisteria Cottage - Guest House
Penzance Road, St Buryan, Penzance. Phone: 01736-811021
Porthcurno, Porthgwarra & St Levan
Corniche Guest House - Guest House
Trebehor, Porthcurno, Penzance. Phone: 01736-871685
Grey Gables - Guest House
St Levan, Porthcurno, Penzance. Phone: 01736-810421
Sea View House - Self Catering
The Valley, Porthcurno, Penzance. Phone: 01736-810638
Lands End & Sennen
Homefields Guest House - Guest House
Mayon, Sennen, Penzance. Phone: 01736-871418
Island View - Guest House
Seaview Hill, Sennen, Penzance. Phone: 01736-871510
Mayon Farmhouse - Guest House
Sennen, Penzance. Phone: 01736-871757
Penrose Manor Farmhouse - Bed & Breakfast
Penrose Farm, Sennen, Penzance. Phone: 01736-871607
Sunnycroft Guest House - Guest House
Sennen, Penzance. Phone: 01736-871744
Whitesands Lodge - Guest House
Sennen, Penzance. Phone: 01736-871776
Newbridge & Sancreed
Carthew Millhouse - Guest House
Newbridge, Penzance. Phone: 01736-366479
The Fountain B&B - Licensed Bed & Breakfast
Newbridge, Penzance. Phone: 01736-332590
St Just & Cape Cornwall
Bosvargus Barn B&B - Bed & Breakfast
New Road, Tregeseal, St Just, Penzance. Phone: 01736-787356
Botallack Manor - Guest House
Botallack, St Just, Penzance. Phone: 01736-788525
Cape Cornwall Golf & Country Club - Hotel, Golf Club & Restaurant
Cape Cornwall, St Just, Penzance. Phone: 01736-788611
Kings Arms - Public House & Bar with rooms
5 Market Square, St Just, Penzance. Phone: 01736-788545
The Old Fire Station - Guest House
Nancherrow Terrace, St Just, Penzance. Phone: 01736-786463
Penrose House - Guest House
Nancherrow, St Just, Penzance. Phone: 01736-787218
Roseudian - Guest House
Crippas Hill, Kelynack, St Just, Penzance. Phone: 01736-788556
St Just B&B - Bed & Breakfast
2 Fore Street, St Just, Penzance. Phone: 01736-787784
Wintara B&B - Guest House
Botallack, St Just, Penzance. Phone: 01736-788151
Pendeen & Zennor
Ermelo - Guest House
Pendeen, Penzance. Phone: 01736-788079
Nineveh Cottage - Guest House
off Levant Road, Trewellard, Penzance. Phone: 01736-786526
Old Smugglers Haunt - Guest House
Church Road, Pendeen, Penzance. Phone: 01736-788310
St Johns House - Guest House
Boscaswell Downs, Pendeen, Penzance. Phone: 01736-787435