Living in Penzance

Language Schools and Foreign Links

Town Twinning

Penwith District has been twinned for many years with Cuxhaven in Lower Saxony, Germany while Penzance is twinned with Concarneau in Brittany and with Nevada City in California. Penzance has been for several years a centre for the Experiment in International Living, with regular groups of young people coming from Argentina and other South American countries to study at Penwith College whilst living with local families.

Student Exchanges

Pupils from Penzance schools take part in exchanges with Lower Saxony, Brittany and Galicia. The Penwith College French students and Humphry Davy pupils undertake real work experience in Brittany.

Language Schools

Penzance also becomes the home for between 300 and 400 French students each summer whose course is funded by the Banque National de Paris. Penzance Language School provides intensive language tuition throughout the year. Penzance YMCA and Penzance YHA are both heavily used by foreign groups and are situated very close to the town.

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