Business & Commerce in Penzance

Architects & Surveying Services

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Member of Penzance Chamber of Commerce
Beaghen & Allen - Architects
1 Top Floor, Union Street, Penzance. Phone: 01736-364349
A.Edwin Bryant & Associates - Quantity Surveying
1 The Old Smelting House, Chyandour Place, Penzance. Phone: 01736-361199
Nicholas Clift & Associates - Architect
4 Morrab Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-365146
Duchy Surveyors - Surveyors
Union Street, Penzance. Phone: 01736-369933
R. Forward Architectural Services - Architect
Trereife Park, Penzance. Phone: 01736-331866
John Harvey Practice - Architectural Services
Taroveor Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-350455
RLT Architects
The Old Stables, Chyandour Lane, Penzance. Phone: 01736-367646
Christopher Rolfe - Architect
Polteggan Farm, Trengwainton, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362167
Robert Tregoning - Architect
2 Sea View, Gulval, Penzance. Phone: 01736-361496
Vance Webster MBIAT - Architectural technician and design
Tremeneth, Gulval, Penzance. Phone: 01736-366319
Peggy Rickaby - Architect
Milldowns Cottage, Ladydowns, Newmill, Penzance. Phone: 01736-796952
Arco Studios - Architect
18 Bank Square, St Just. Phone: 01736-788892
T.G. Chapman - Architectural Draughtsman
Bosvargus Hill, Tregeseal, St Just, Penzance. Phone: 01736-788255
Alec Maund - Architect
Rosewell, Cot Valley, St Just, Penzance. Phone: 01736-788914
Studio West Architects - Architects
North Row, St Just, Penzance. Phone: 01736-788892