Economic Development in Penzance

Potential Economic Benefits

Interaction between the town and business is the key to the regeneration of Penzance and the District. The local Council is keen to work with investors in Penzance to promote and develop ‘niche’ services that reflect the culture and environment of our area.

Regeneration has already started in Penzance. The optimism shown by business and the belief that Penzance is well positioned to attract major projects is bringing a fresh outlook to the future, not only of the town but also for the District as a whole. This optimism and confidence will undoubtedly soar as economic development continues.

The District’s cultural and heritage facilities are also gearing up to the future. In particular our Celtic history, industrial past, wealth of arts and culture and our existing industrial base allows unparalleled access for academic research by students. It reinforces the need to exploit the local environment and to develop ‘niche’ courses.