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Newlyn Harbour Facilities

The harbour provides the following facilities for the fishing industry at Newlyn:-

Fish Market:
Approximately 1,500 sq.m of floor area and features two chill rooms. Beamers are able to land their catches direct into the market.
Total quayage is just over 900m. Draft alongside is from zero to 3.0m at MLWS and from 3.7m to 8.5m at MHWS.
Ice & Water:
Ice is supplied by private contractor (W. Stevenson & Sons) from a plant very near the fish market. The plan has a capacity of 70 tonnes of flake and crushed ice per day. The Cornish Ice Company also supplies a number of boats. Their capacity is in the region of 90 tonnes per day. Fresh water is also available on the quays.
W. Stevenson & Sons provide a number of fuelling points at the berth located on the North Pier. Other companies deliver fuel by road tanker. Falmouth Oil Supplies also maintain a fuel barge, moored in the harbour.
Fish Handling:
Boats largely use their own derricks and winches. Plastic market boxes are provided, together with aluminium kits and scales.
Ship Repair:
There is a single slip capable of taking boats up to 27.4m in length and 4.0m draught on spring tides. Marine engineering and craft services are available locally.
Provision and chandlers services are available locally.

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