The Town of Penzance

Antiquities in West Cornwall

Lanyon Quoit

On the moorland surrounding Penzance, there are numerous pre-historic, Neolithic and Bronze Age tombs, monuments and settlements - some dating from over 5,000 years ago. Few districts can equal the number of such ancient sites worthy of a visit and all can be reached easily from Penzance.

These include:-

  • Men-an-TolLanyon Quoit - Chamber tomb. Adjacent east side of Penzance-Madron-Morvah road.
  • Men-An-Tol - Holed stone. Along a track on east side of Penzance-Madron-Morvah road.
  • Chun Castle - Iron Age hill fort. West of Penzance-Madron-Morvah road. Double embanked ramparts, well and Chun Quoit nearby. Excellent scenic view point.
  • Trencrom Hill - Second century BC rampart. Hut circles and well. 'Giant' legends. Excellent scenic viewpoint. North-east of Penzance, off B3311 St.Ives-Penzance road.
  • Gurnard's Head - Cliff castle (marked as Trereen Dinas). Path from Gurnard's Head coastguard station near hotel on B3306.
  • Chysauster Settlement - Courtyard houses, a fougou and field system. Footpath from Badger's Cross to Newmill road.
  • Merry MaidensCarn Euny - Hut circles and splendid fougou. Signposted from Drift on A30 west of Penzance.
  • Merry Maidens - Circle of nineteen standing stones just south of B3315 about one mile west of Lamorna valley.
  • Madron Baptistry - Wishing well, roofless Norman chapel, baptistry and altar slab. The well is accredited with curative powers. Signposted on the Penzance-Madron-Morvah road.