The Town of Penzance


Paul is located approximately 1 mile by road above Mousehole. The village is dominated by the grandeur of Paul's Church of St. Pol De Leon. The Welsh missionary, St. Paul Aurelian, who also founded the cathedral of St. Pol De Leon in Brittany, founded the church in the 5th Century. The church of today is mainly 15th Century, though Norman foundations have been recorded. The church was badly damaged by fire in 1595 during an attack on Mousehole, Paul, Newlyn and Penzance by Spanish soldiers who landed by boat. Scorch marks from the fire can still be seen on some of the stonework within the church.

The church displays a number of fine features that are well worth a visit. The graveyard contains a small monument to Dolly Pentreath, a Mousehole fishwife who died in 1777 at the reputed age of 102. She was believed to be the last person to converse solely in the ancient Cornish language as her native tongue.

The sturdy granite stonework of the village cottages matches that of the Church. On the north side of the churchyard is Hutchens House, a restored almshouse of the early 18th Century. The King's Arms Inn is an excellent and popular traditional pub that dates from the 18th Century.