Sport in Penzance


Mirror DinghiesDinghyThere are two sailing clubs holding prime positions in Mount’s Bay, the Penzance Sailing Club located on Albert Pier, within the Penzance harbour area, and Mount’s Bay Sailing Club at Marazion with St Michael’s Mount to seaward. Both clubs support a number of Dinghy classes and, at Penzance, there is also a thriving Cruiser fleet.

Both clubs openly encourage new members and have seen many championships in their histories. Record fleets have also enjoyed this natural arena and in 1972 the largest ever open meeting was hosted by the Penzance Sailing Club and was duly recorded in the Guinness Book of Records for that year.

More information on sailing can be obtained from:-

Penzance Sailing Club - Sailing Club
Albert Pier, Penzance. Phone: 01736-364989
Mounts Bay Sailing Club - Sailing Club
The Clubhouse, Godolphin Steps, Marazion, Penzance. Phone: 01736-710620